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As professional tree surgeons we offer full services to our customers. Although based in Horsham, we travel all over Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London and our customers rate us highly on Checkatrade, in fact we have the highest rating available and are proud to be professionals in the field of tree surgery. Working in both the commercial and domestic market, we offer a complete service. Our Horsham tree surgeons are fully trained and always professional. We specialize in the following:


Tree Felling or Tree Dismatling involves the removal of the tree to ground level.  This can be done at any time during the year with one exception.  Trees that have roosting bats of nesting birds.

When a tree is required to be felled, in most cases, this will involve the tree to be dismantled.  This is done in a safe manner with specialist equipment to ensure the safety of the climber and ground crew.

Further to this, the stump can then be removed if the client wishes.


There are times that it could be beneficial for the client to have the stump of the tree removed, perhaps to allow planting or landscaping purposes.

Stump removal is done by grinding the stump using a specialist machine that will grind the stump to below ground level therefore allowing the area to be used for other means.

The left over chippings are an excellent source of garden mulch.


The crown of the tree is basically the branches coming from the trunk of the tree. Crown thining is as the name suggests, removal of branches to thin the volume of the tree.

This could be for many reasons such as letting additional light into the garden or house or removal of deadwood that may pose a danger.

Crown reduction is also known as crown looping is usually done when a tree hss outgrown it’s location.  Can be done throught the year although with some species it is best to avoid early spring.


As the name suggests, deadwooding is the removal of wood that has decayed beyond repair.  This is a necessary responsibility of the tree owner for safety reasons.


Tree pollarding is a method of reducing the height of a tree. The pollarding season falls between October and February, when the growth of deciduous trees lies dormant.


Formative prunning involves developing a young tree to a desired shape.  Removing some of the lower branches is the most common operation.  This is normally done after the tree is a year old as after that time it will not place undue stress on the tree.

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